When buying a house you have to answer a lot of questions,often the same questions more then once.  There are questions from Estate Agents, Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, removal companies and almost everyone else involved.  Some people assume it will be the same when they ask for a quote for a Home Buyers Survey or Building Survey.

How old is the property?  How many square meters?  What is the construction? How many bedrooms? Inside leg measurement? Favorite colour?  The one person who should not have to ask you many questions is your Surveyor, the job of a Surveyor is to answer questions for you.

When a client requests a quote I only ask two questions:

What is the address?  Who are the agents?  This is all I need to find out enough to send you a fully detailed quote.  Part of any good Building Survey or Home Buyers Survey involves desk research so it easy enough to find all I need for a quote with a few mouse clicks.  For me this starts in the same place most house buyers start Rightmove or Zoopla, and even when the details are not on one of the major portals there is usually enough available elsewhere to give an accurate quote.  Worst case senario I will do a quick drive by and that will tell me enough.

For a quote for a Building Survey or Home Buyers Survey with no questions asked (alright two questions but hopefully they are the simple ones) please contact us.

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