About Me

Buying a home can be an uncertain and stressful experience. Therefore it is important to be able to trust the people you have chosen to help you and to trust them, you have to feel comfortable. This is why the first and most important thing I tell anyone is who I am and why I do what I do.

A helping hand when you need it

Although most Surveyors will tell you they do a technical job and work with buildings, in reality while technical skill and knowledge is important it is people who are our clients and who we are here to help.
It is helping people that brought me back to Residential Surveying. The Surveyor’s role is to help you understand the property you are buying and to remove some of that uncertainty and stress.

Professional, jargon-free service

My Home Buyer Surveys are more than just the paper or electronic report you receive.

You are also able to contact me to talk about any prior concerns you may have, as well as being actively encouraged to ask questions afterwards.

My promise is to not confuse you with jargon, or to hide behind recommendations for more specialist reports than are needed. Instead I will give you as much information as you need to help move forward with your purchase with confidence.

Alongside my day-to-day work, I also work as a trainer for Sava, a national training organisation for residential surveyors.  I teach a range of topics including energy efficiency and sustainability, customer service skills and building pathology.  My aim is to always encourage student surveyors to approach their surveys in the same customer focused way I always have.

As well as my training work I have also written for a number of industry publications include RICS Building Surveying and Residential Journals.  I am also responsible for the Residential Building Defect content on isurv.com, the main online resource for RICS surveyors.

Tim Kenny