Land Registry Plans

If you are renewing or granting a lease, adding land to an existing property, registering a new title or formalising a right of way you may need to submit a plan to the Land Registry.

Preparing your plan always starts with an in-depth discussion to ensure your requirements are clearly understood. An experienced Surveyor will then make a visit to your property to measure up. You will then usually receive the first draft of the plan within the next 2 working days.

Types of Plans

There are generally two types of plans required by the Land Registry: Lease Plans and Title Plans.

Lease Plans

Lease Plans show the extent of the property to be leased and include both a floor plan and a site plan.

Title Plans

A Title Plan is required when you are altering or creating a freehold title.

Peace of mind assured

All our plans are produced to meet the Land Registry requirements and using the latest CAD software.

For more information on Land Registry Compliant Plans in Chichester, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire or to order a plan please contact us.

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