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Straight-talking Building Surveys

Buying any home is never the most relaxing experience, with decisions to be made and questions to be asked.

As a Surveyor I am here to help you with those decisions and questions.

Combining a clear, easy to understand format with a great depth of information, a Building Survey gives just what you need to make the big decisions about your new home.

Covering everything from the roof down to the floor and below, not only will a Building Survey identify the problems it will make it clear how serious they are as well as explain what needs to be done to put things right.

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Want to know more about how a Surveyor can help you?

For more information on some of the ways a surveyor can help with your purchase please see my blog.

Service guarantee

  • All my surveys are delivered by email within 2 working days of the inspection.
  • Each survey will explain any problems found in clear, jargon free language with plenty of photographs.
  • Although I try to give as much information as possible in the survey sometimes it is easier to talk it over. This is why I will always be available to discuss your survey at a time which is convenient for you.

Why you need a survey

If you are buying with a mortgage you will be required to have a valuation arranged through your lender. The valuation report is designed to protect your lender and not you, even though you have to pay for it.

It is NOT a report on the condition of the property and it is not intended to help you as the buyer, often you may not even see it. To fully understand the property you are buying you need an independent survey.

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