There is much speculation about whether we are in a house price bubble at the moment and if, or when, it is going to burst. I don’t plan on adding to the speculation here but it does highlight the need to get the best possible price when buying your home.

The price of a property is almost never set in stone and you should never be afraid to negotiate and a comprehensive independent survey can help you do this.

Although I always try to take a positive approach to our surveys, most properties do need some money spending on them and it is reasonable to allow for this in the purchase price.

Your Surveyor can offer suggestions about what work is involved in any repair and even give a ball park figure in most cases. However, the best people to speak to about cost are those who are going to do the work. If the survey shows a repair is required then the next thing to do is ask a good contractor to take a look and provide an estimate.

I always happy to speak directly to your contractor if they need further information.

Once you have an estimate it is fair and reasonable to go back to the sellers agent and ask for an adjustment in the price.

You should never be afraid to negotiate even after you have initially agreed a price. You agreed that price based on what you saw on your visits to the property and what you knew at the time. If you then learn something new as a result of the survey then the value of that property may have changed for you.