Although I don’t carry out valuation work I do still keep an eye on my local market and noted that recently there has been a fall in asking prices in Chichester.

Shocking news for some until you look a little closer.  The numbers showed that the average asking price of the properties currently on the market was lower than a year ago.  That would be a drop in prices if the same range of properties were on the market as at the same time last year but this is not the case.  Over the last few months there have been a lot more flats and smaller properties coming on the market and this has pushed the average asking price down.

As with much when it comes to property not everything is always as it seems and the numbers only ever tell you part of the story.  To fully understand the property you are buying you need a good Building Survey or Home Buyers Survey.  If you are buying a home and would like to know how we can help please fill in the form below..

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